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5 Tips to Make your Email Campaigns More Effective

2. Target the right audience

Once you have identified your objectives, segment your audience. Decide whether to include just prospects or your client base too.

Consider key elements for your segmentationn including:

  • geography when content is localised and if you are targeting a specific country;

  • job title if you are aiming at raising your profile among a particular group of professionals;

  • your contacts' interests, if you are lucky to have this valuable data.

3. Ensure your list is accurate and legally compliant

  • Data is key. The more accurate your data, the better your response rates. This is important and ideally you shall have a data analyst to cross-check data quality and accuracy.

  • Make sure that your contacts have opted-in to receive communications - soft opt-in for existing customers - and be aware of EU legislation on this.

4. Create great content

Email marketing is very much about story telling - see 12 great examples on Hubspot blog.

  • Make your subject line snappy, your content clean and punchy. We all know the amount of emails we receive every day so you want your content to be concise and easy to read

  • Focus on your USP and offer free content

  • Position your calls to action clearly within the email body

  • Use videos and images to reach your audience more effectively. Video are one of the top trends in content marketing as showed by this infographic by MDGAdvertising

  • Decide the quantity and frequency of emails in your campaign and whether your require landing pages to capture data

5. Integrate your marketing automation with your CRM system

There are several marketing automation systems available on the market, from Marketo, to Eloqua, to Dotmailer, to Mailchimp, Hubspot, just to name a few.

Many of these can be integrated with your existing CRM system. Integration is key as it allows better reporting, greater intelligence and more effective follow up from your sales and business development teams.

So, get ready and start designing your next great email marketing campaign!

If you have any quesitons on email marketing and require advise, please feel free to contact us at

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