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Marketing Strategy: Quick Wins or Big Plays?

It is that time of the year: setting our marketing for 2017!

So what can we do to think more strategically?

Of course, we must define our objectives and target audience. We must identify our capabilities and KPIs to measure marketing effectiveness.

But, which marketing actions can potentially change our business? And which can create momentum?

In other words, what are your big plays and quick wins?

Big plays can take more resources but can have larger results. They have a bigger pay off.

Example? A strategic pricing policy that can get you more customers in the next 12 months.

Quick wins, on the other hand, take less resources to implement, get customers' attention, help your brand to get noticed.

However, they are not going to have a big impact on the nature of your business.

Example? A social media campaign that increases your brand awareness and get your business under the spotlight.

Marketing leaders suggest picking a balance of quick wins and big plays to have a more effective marketing strategy.

So, whatever your strategy:

  • come up with as many ideas as you can

  • test them all

  • focus on the ones that work and forget the others.

What are your big plays and quick wins for 2017? Feel free to share them here.

Thank you for reading.

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