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Email Marketing for your Digital Marketing Strategy

So, how can we make it truly effective?

Here is some advise.

Distribution List

This is the most important asset.

Build your list using landing pages. These can be promoted on your website, social media channels and via online ads. Offer a free asset (i.e. white paper, webinar invite) in exchange for contact details.

Make sure your list is updated, accurate and legally compliant.

Once you have a relevant list, engage in meaningful communications. Be cautious here as you do not want to end up in the spam folder or have too many unsubscribes.

Define your Objectives

Be clear on what you are trying to achieve.

Are you promoting special offers? Are you positioning your brand as market leader? Are you nurturing the relationship with your clients or targeting prospects?


Segment your audience on one or more criteria like:

  • Location

  • Job title

  • Interests and behaviours

  • Industry and company size

Create Engaging Content

Email marketing is very much about story telling.

So, make your subject line punchy, focus on your USP (why should they read your email?), offer free valuable content and use videos and images optimized for email.

Very important: position your calls to action (CtA) clearly within the email body.

Automation & CRM

Email marketing is time consuming, so take advantage of automation. This will make drafting, segmentating and scheduling faster and it will also provide notifications from your list in real time.

If the investment is justifiable, align your automation to a good CRM system. This is of great support to your campaigns and for your sales team.

Email marketing is an effective and affordable channel to acquire prospects and manage your client relationships.

As ever, try to be agile and don't be afraid to test and try.

Thank you for reading.

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