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How do you prepare for media briefings?

Congratulations! You have secured a media briefing. This is a great opportunity to increase your brand visibility.

Now, to get it right some preparation is required.

Before the Briefing

Research the editor you will meet, get familiar with the type of content, his/her style, his/her latest articles and see whether the editor has already written about your company and with what angle.

Your PR team might already have a media briefing book with information on your top media outlets, journalists' background and reporting style.

Now, write a list of potential questions and draft your answers. Sometimes the editor will send you a list of questions in advance. Remember to focus the answers on your key messages.

Questions can be tricky and can side track you from your key messages.

If you have time, run a few mock interviews with your media trainer to get guidance on what to say, how to say it and how to use your body language.

Discuss internally what you are allowed to say during the interview.

During the Briefing

Now that you have done your homework, you are ready to meet the journalist. Make sure you are familiar with the location and setting of the briefing.

Remember to be personable, it is your moment to build a good relationship.

Keep calm and allow yourselves a few seconds to answer tricky questions. Be clear, concise, transparent and try to avoid ‘no comment’ responses.

After the Briefing

It is good practice to follow up with a thank you note and with the information you did not mention during the briefing.

If the editor has confirmed coverage, ask if you can review the draft and when the article will be published.

Media briefings are a great opportunity to increase your brand visibility.

So, prepare and develop a media training programme to refine your key messages, build trust, train your key spokespeople and learn new media techniques.


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Roberto Napolitano is the founder and managing director of Intelligo Consulting, a London based agency advising clients on all things marketing and PR.

Roberto is an expert in strategic marketing, content marketing, digital, PR and media relations with 15 years of experience in financial and professional services,technology, insurtech and asset management.

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