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How to Build Online Authority with Public Relations

Together with marketing, public relations are often tasked with the challenge of building brand presence and brand authority, especially online. This provides organisations with the right visibility among their main stakeholders to engage with the target audience.

Today there are many channels where brands can enhance their presence online. These include social media platforms, pay per click platforms, media outlets and, of course, your own corporate website.

These are the so called earned, paid and owned media channels (to learn more about the differences between earn, paid and owned media click here to watch our video).

A good way to think strategically about strengthening your brand presence online is by improving your domain authority (DA) score.

The DA score depends on the number and the quality of domains linking to your site. The more links to your site, especially from relevant and popular sites, the higher your site's domain authority will be. This number is dynamic and often changing.

And the most important asset you can use to improve your online brand authority in a strategic way is the content that you produce and share online.

Here is where public relations can really provide tactical guidance and gain more visibility and authority for your organisation.

If you are interested in learning more about domain authority you can read our article ‘What is Domain Authority and why is it so important for your site?

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