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Understanding Customer Value for Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing has become faster, more effective, and yet more complex to manage.

The technologies available in the market are indeed helping marketers to better identify their target audience and attribute value to customers for a smoother and faster transition to sales.

Companies that want to develop a more effective marketing approach are the ones that can align their customer-facing employees with their marketing strategy.

They not only focus on granular marketing metrics such as CAC or CTR, but also on the lifetime value customers add to their business.

Understanding customer value for your business is essential for your marketing success.

So, to increase your marketing effectiveness:

  • Know your customers and focus on their needs

  • Understand your customers’ value to your business in the long-run

  • Test and learn with a multivariate approach by assessing what channels work to reach your marketing objectives

  • Measure the return of your marketing investment both qualitatively and quantitatively

  • Adopt an agile marketing approach from start.

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