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Video: What is Agile Marketing?

One of the issues that keep entrepreneurs awake at night is how to be faster and more effective at growing their businesses.

When it comes to business development, marketing can definitively support such growth.

Speaking with clients and attending conferences, I have come across a common challenge: how can a business implement a faster and more impactful marketing?

A way to tackle this is through ‘agile marketing’.

So what is agile marketing?

Agile marketing is about being nimble, flexible and quick at adapting to market changes. It is an approach where tactics are broken into smaller actions that are continuously reviewed.

The main objective of this approach is to get closer to your customers and deliver a great brand experience.

Some of the key principles of agile marketing are to:

  • respond quickly to change

  • make small adjustments that can have a big impact

  • repeat what works

  • test data

  • leverage new channels

  • collaborate internally with all business functions.

So if you want to enhance your brand and grow faster, remember to be nimble and always test and learn. Good luck!

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