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How Can You Implement Agile Marketing?

How can you adopt an agile marketing approach?

Firstly, you will need an agile mind-set.

Think about transitioning from an orchestra (complex environment) to a jazz band (less complex and more improvisational). Not an easy transition, right?

To implement this transition in your organisation you will have to train your mind-set to:

  • have humility, strength of character and technical skills as pre-requisites

  • learn on the go and repeat what works

  • dismantle internal silos

  • be decision-driven and use data to support your decisions - but question your data as there are often other factors at play

  • make your customers the priority of your marketing, always.

Companies today require a marketing approach that can quickly respond to market changes and win customers’ trust in a cost effective way.

So if you want to enhance your brand and grow faster, remember to be nimble and always test and learn.

If you need advise on how to implement agile marketing get in touch at


Roberto is founder and managing director of Intelligo Consulting.

Recently named in the top 50 insurtech influencers on Twitter, Roberto is an expert in strategic marketing, content marketing, digital, automation, PR and media relations with over 14 years of experience in financial and professional services, technology, insurtech and asset management.


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