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[Video] How to Develop an Elevator Pitch for your Business

Start with a question or a challenging statement.

Example: Did you know that 50% of your marketing budget is wasted?

Give a short personal story on why this issue is important for you. The challenge you faced.

Example: In the past 15 years working for businesses of all sizes I have become increasingly frustrated witnessing how much money is wasted on marketing ho marketing has become increasingly bureaucracy.

Give a short line of how you thought to solve the issue.

Example: So, after completing my MBA, I have decided to set up my own marketing agency providing a different service: an on-demand cost-effective agile marketing programme designed on your real business needs and objectives.

Provide the details on your solution.

Example: A marketing that can speak to your marketing team and your senior management, switched on and off, on-demand, when you most need it:

• To provide your business with a realistic marketing strategy

• To deliver a 3 month marketing plan

• Or just ad-hoc support and advise when you most need it from one of our on-demand Marketing Directors.

Provide a quick call to action for a follow up.

Example: If you want to learn more about our 3 month Marketing programme or if you want to book an Initial consultation please send us an email at telling us what your marketing challenges are.

Thank you and if you need any help on designing your pitch for your marketing feel free to get in touch at anytime.


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