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[Video] How to Use LinkedIn for Your Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn is one of the most used platforms in the B2B world and it is one of my favourites.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions can help you engage with a targeted audience and build your thought leadership online.

To make an impact on LinkedIn

  • Post frequently

  • Write articles that are in line with your personal brand

  • Participate in conversations in professional groups

  • Increase your network as much as you can (introduction)

  • Showcase your expertise

  • Get recommendations from colleagues, managers, university friends

What type of content works on LinkedIn?

Well, competition is though on LinkedIn! So, to stay ahead of the game so use targeted content.

Now you can also use videos. Think about a speech you have delivered at a conference. Think about content that can help build your brand and thought leadership – you want to become an expert in your field.

If you need any advice on using LinkedIn for your Marketing, get in touch at

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