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[Video] How to Use Twitter for Your Social Media Marketing

Twitter is a great social media platform that you can use to increase your brand spread awareness and visibility, generate leads and build a good followers’ base.

Twitter can be used both for B2B and B2C marketing, it is quick, easy and kind of forces you to be punchy in your message, given the 140 character limit.

So what type of content you need on Twitter?

  • Videos are great and generate good engagement

  • Infographics are also great to capture your followers and explain complex concepts in an easy format

  • Use on trend hash tags that are relevant for your business

  • Tag brands and people that can amplify your message. Prefer re-tweets to likes as those are more impactful.

To win online create engaging content and use those social media platforms that have more impact on your business!

If you need any advice on your Social Media Marketing, feel free to get in touch at

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