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Key things to consider when appointing a PR agency

If you are looking to appoint a PR agency to boost your brand, it is useful to have key criteria in mind. These can include the agency’s credibility, network, creativity, expertise, process, team and costs.

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Here are a few top questions you might want to consider.


  • Check if the agency has worked for similar clients

  • Awards received in previous years, if any

  • Important accreditations both for the agency and its team members are the CIPR and the PRCA

  • What is their reputation? This would need to be checked in advance given recent scandals in the PR industry


  • Are they independent or do they belong to a network of agencies?

Independent agencies tend to be more flexible and creative (less corporate constraints).

Larger agencies have stronger networks - also internationally - and can deploy larger teams if and when needed.


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  • Can the agency provide examples of creative work for similar clients?

  • Can their creative flair be aligned to your own brand?

  • Can they provide examples on how their creative ideas have achieved ‘virality’ on different communications channels?

  • Are they social media savvy? What social media channels did they use and for what purposes?


What is their main expertise? Here you might want to consider:

  • Digital PR

  • SEO

  • content production

  • video production

  • event management

  • idea generation

  • surveys

  • media relations

  • social media

  • crisis communication

Media coverage

  • Can the agency provide examples of coverage from their campaigns: how do they measure (qualitative or quantitative)? What tool(s) do they use?

  • What media list can they provide to your business?

  • What publications have they worked with before?

  • What type of coverage will they provide?

  • Do they also provide media monitoring services?

  • Are they capable to handle crisis communications? Any examples of crisis the agency has handled in the past?


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  • How junior / senior are the team members they are proposing to work with you?

  • How much of the senior people expertise will you receive?

  • How frequent is the interaction with the PR team? Will they be happy to schedule weekly calls / meetings?

  • Are they easy to meet in person?

  • Are the team members approachable? Are senior members approachable and available when needed?

  • What is their line management process? Do they work mainly with the PR function or are they used to work with Marketing as well? Are they marketing-literate? (i.e. when we talk about PPC, lead generation, funnel, domain authority…)


  • Are fees based on an average of hours spent or deliverables, or a combination of both?

  • How will they invoice (monthly, weekly, end of project)?

If you need any advice on your PR strategy feel free to get in touch at info@intelligoconsulting.co.uk

Thank you for reading.

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