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Preparing for your interview

Interviews are a great opportunity to gain visbility.

Before you are interviewed, it is key to prepare.

So here are a few key principles to consider for your interview preparation.

Key principles

  • Work on your confidence

  • Prepare 5/6 themes to use during the interview

  • Be able to answer each question in 30 seconds

  • Use simple language and avoid jargon

  • Paint pictures with your words

  • Be energetic and enthusiastic

  • Get your key messages out

The bridging technique

If you are asked a tricky question or you are put on the spot, you can use a very simple ABC bridging technique as follows:

A – Address and acknowledge the issue that arises from the interview

B – Bridge away from the issue

C – Control the audience’s attention with a compelling story.

Remember that the interview is not an informal conversation, it is a performance. So alway focus on your audience, not the interviewer, even if he or she will try to distract you from your key messages.

​Interview preparation

Before giving your availability for the interview, do your homework and try and answer most of these questions:

  • What’s in it for you?

  • Who is asking for an interview and why?

  • Who is the main audience?

  • Is the interview for radio, TV or print? The formats are very different from medium to medium

  • Is it live, recorded or ‘as live’?

  • Are there other guests? Perhaps competitors participating to the interview?

Congratulations on securing your interview. Prepare for it and remember to work on your key messages.

In summary

  • Know your facts

  • Emphasise key messages

  • Use simple language

  • Control your body language and tone of voice

  • Stay calm

  • Correct any possible misrepresentation

  • Get positive news proactively

  • Use the interview as an opportunity

Good luck! And thank you for reading.

If you need advice on your media training, please feel free to get in touch at info@intelligoconsulting.co.uk

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