• Roberto Napolitano

Agile Marketing: Approach & Mindset

Agile Marketing (AM) is becoming the new marketing buzz word.

So, what exactly is AM and how can marketers adapt to it?

AM is a marketing approach based on a few principles:

  • To respond quickly to change

  • To make small adjustments to your marketing rather than following a predefined plan

  • To iterate what has worked

  • To test your data with multi-factorial testing

  • To make small experiments and use new channels

  • To collaborate with other organizational functions

Nice! So, if these are key principles of AM, what mindset can marketers adopt?​

There are a few good habits we can all learn from marketing modellers.

Here are 5:

  1. Be iterative in your strategy - learn on the go and repeat what has worked

  2. Do not work in a silo - make measurement everyone’s job within your organisation

  3. Be decision-driven - use your data to support your decisions

  4. Make your customers the focus of your marketing

  5. Question your data as no model is perfect - there are often other factors at play...we are human after all!

And you, are you adopting an agile marketing approach?

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Thank you for reading!

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