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5 Marketing Trends in 2017 and beyond

There are thousands of articles available on #marketing trends and the future of marketing. Marketing experts often talk about what to expect in the near future.

So here is a quick list of 5 marketing trends for 2017 and beyond.

1. Automation

Automation is growing at an increasing speed. New platforms have revolutionised the way businesses communicate (think about Marketo or MailChimp for email marketing or HootSuite for social media marketing) and how we manage our clients through CRM systems like Salesforce.

So, as a marketer, what can you do to adapt to automation?

First, learning how to use new technologies is key, but not sufficient. We must see beyond the mere tools and understand how automation can help implement our strategy. Vision before action.

2. Social Media Marketing

Companies are boosting their social media marketing budget.

Facebook is now offering further options for business to promote products and services with new applications, like the ‘Offer’ functionality, Ads and connection with e-commerce platform Shopify.

How can you leverage social media marketing?

Test as many social media channels as you can. Identify the ones that work best in terms of engagement and relevance to your business (i.e. B2C vs B2B). Experiment and use all features available for your business.


  • Are you a bakery? Use Instagram. You can leverage the power of images to attract new customers.

  • Are you a consulting company? LinkedIn can be relevant to you and attract the right audience.

  • Are you a fashion brand? Facebook has many features you can use to attract new customers, manage your existing ones with a 24/7 customer service and promote your products.

3. Techno-diversity

Millennials are the new customers. They are young, technologically savvy and born with social media. However, they might not be the only customers for your business.

Each customer segment has a different attitude towards technology, social media and online shopping

So what shall we bear in mind?

We must adapt our messaging to the preferences of each segment and be aware of the channels our customers are using.

4. Two Heads, One Coin

Is marketing a science or an art? Does is require data mastery or just creativity? This is THE question.

Well, this is not really a trend but an important question that is increasingly recurring in marketing.

Is this an important issue?

Yes, it is, especially today. As marketers we are asked to be both data-driven and creative. We must be both scientists, able to analyse data, and 'artists', able to create engaging content for our campaigns. Easy, eh?

5. CMO who?

New technologies are creating new professional figures that could well replace the role of CMOs in the future.

Are you familiar with the Chief Customer Officer, the Chief Data Officer or the Chief Experience Officer?

These could incorporate marketing functions in the near future.

What can you do as marketers?

Try and listen to your customers, think with their minds. Use data as often as possible and constantly learn how to use new technologies. This might help you keeping relevant during change.

So, whatever the predictions for 2017 and beyond, learn, test and improve as new challenges appear at the horizon. And I promise you, you will not get bored!

What are your predictions for 2017?

Thank you for reading.

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