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[Video] How Can you Make your Online PR More Effective?

Online PR requires patience and a forward looking approach.

Here are some suggestions to make your online PR more impactful:

  • Be honest and transparent when you engage with your media contacts and stakeholders

  • Provide relevant and up to date information – this is a valuable asset for your audience and that is something you give for free and that your audience will appreciated (example can be statistics, insights, original comments)

  • Be open to engage in a two way communication: so listen and be prepared to respond proactively

  • Be proactive and start conversations with your audience when you think you have something that adds value in terms of content and thought leadership

  • If you have a small budget at hand you can use online distribution services that can help you increase your visibility faster. There are many systems available on the market (Vocus, PRNewswire / Cision, Business Wire).

  • Focus on your Content. Content is King. Story telling is key in Online PR. So, before you press the ‘Start’ button, think hard about how engaging the story you are telling is for your audience!

If you need any advice on how to set up your online PR strategy, feel free to get in touch at

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